Ferrule Production Line

◆ Wire Etching Machine
   To make tapered wire from a straight piano wire through etching process by nitric acid
   Wire Tension : Tension Rollers
Roller up & down : Manual Operation
Wire Winding : By Geared Motor
Etching RPM Control : By Counter

◆ ID Grinding Machine
   To grind the hole diameter of ferrules, which are fixed in the split pipe, by the tapered wire
   Spindle RPM : 5000
Wind & Rewind : AC servo motor
Power Direction Charge : By Electronic Clutch
Rewind Length Control : By Encoder & Counter
Wire Cutting Sensor : Proximity Photo Sensor

◆ Concentricity Grinding Machine
   To grind the outside diameter of ferrules to the level of concentricity
   Type : Cylindrical Grinding for one by one
C/Time : 14 sec.
Grinding Margine : 50μm Max
Concentricity : 1.0μm
Yielding Rate : 80% Min

◆ Brushing Machine
   To polish bottom end of ferrules to make "R" for inserting flanges
   Loading System : Loaded with Jig by 8pcs. at one time
Speed Control : By Inverter
Brush Rotation : Automatically Controlled by Timer
Brush Height Setting : By Manual Operation

◆ PC Polisher
   To polish "R" of top-end face of the ferrules
   Work Feeding Method : Parts Feeder + Top/Bottom End face selection
Loading/Unloading System : Automatic
Chucking : Diaphragm chuck
C/Time : 8 sec./pc
R.O.C : R 17.5 ±2.5
Offset : φ40μm Max
Mist Controller : Mounted

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