Steel Making Machinery and Equipment

◆ Descaling Pump System
Type : Vertical Plunger Pump
Horizontal Plunger Pump
Centrifugal Pump
Pressure : 120〜400Kg/cm²
Capacity : 100〜6000 litter/min
Discharge Size : 2B〜12B

◆ Descaling Valves & Gas Valves
Product Line-up : Spray Valve, Check Valve, Overheat Blow-off Valve, By-pass Valve, ACC Shut-off Valve, others
Material : FC, SCPH, SF, SUS, SCS
Nominal Size : 2B〜8B
Working Pressure : 120〜400Kg/cm²
Slide Gate type Gas Valves
   Nominal Size : 20B〜60B
   Working Pressure : 0.5Kg/cm²

◆ Tar Extraction Decanter
Processing Capacity : 0.2〜45m³/HV
Motor Capacity : 2.2〜90Kw
Driving Method : Pole Change- Motor with colonet gear reducer
Features : Low power consumption and maximum tar extraction rate

◆ Gear Reducer & Reel Ass'y
Application : Pay-off/Tension Reel for CAL, EGL, CGL, RCL
Type of Reel Drum : Wedge type, Pyramid type, Smooth surface type
Drum dia. : 762mmφ Max.

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